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Edelweiss Ropes are one of the most technically advanced ropes available on the market today. They have one of the most well respected technical development teams in the world and have continually pushed the boundaries of rope performance and safety. Below you can see a sample of just a few of edelweiss's most successful developments.

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Edelweiss Rope - Development Highlights...

1953: Launched the first Kernmantle Rope

1971: Invented original Everdry

1975: Developed the first 8-FALL rope

1978: Introduced the first 9-FALL rope called EXTREM

1979: Offered the first 13-FALL rope called 8000+

1982: Released the light-rope-collection by introducing the ULTRALIGHT 10.5 which was the lightest rope on the market that time; a turning point in trends was the result.

1984: Developed Edelweiss STRATOS, the first climbing rope in the world that resisted and still resists a fall over a 90' edge of a radius of 0.75mm.

1987: Achieved significant progress in lightweight rope development with the ULTRALIGHT 9.8 Single that was the lightest rope on the market

1991: Launched PERDUR, a newly developed impregnation providing the rope with extreme long term abrasion protection; wear life of the sheath is dramatically increased.

1993: Developed SUPER-EVERDRY with PERDUR impregnation. The rope is even more water resistant than dry treated ropes. The PERDUR treatment increases dramatically the durability of the sheath.

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