Best Selling Single Rope

Beal Top Gun II 10.5mm

The most popular general purpose single rope.
A brilliant all rounder. Use it to lead bolted routes, traditional routes, at the wall, or for top roping. A super durable 10.5mm rope. Recommended for all! A fatter rope could be considered if you do lots of top roping, or a lighter rope if you are pushing the higher grades.

RRP Price: £150.00 (50M), £172.50 (60M)

Best Online Suppliers (Select for Further Info):
50M £119.99 (Facewest) | 60M £145.00 (Facewest)
50M £139.99 (Gearzone)

Everdry Single Ropes

The Edelweiss Emotion is the most popular Single Rope. A classic diameter available in four lengths and in four colours (also ARC optional). The Axis is brand new promotional rope available this year only. With it's great price it is bound to rival the Emotion for top spot this year.

Edelwiess Axis 10.3mm 50m - £87.42 60m - £104.90
Edelwiess Emotion 10.5mm 30m - £59.75 50m - £99.50 55m - £109.50 60m - £119.50
Lightweight Everdry Single Ropes

Both the Laser and Onsight are extremely light ropes and are protected by Edelweiss's Everdry Treatment. The Laser's smaller diameter makes it a touch lighter than the Onsight. However the Onsight is slightly more durable due to an increased number of sheath fibres. Both are available with ARC (optional) and the Laser also has SEM (optional).

Edelwiess Laser 9.6mm 50m - £96.90 55m - £105.45 60m - £115.00
Edelwiess Onsight 9.9mm 50m - £96.90 55m - £105.45 60m - £115.00
Super Everdry Single Ropes

All the Super Everdy / Perdur ropes are suitable for both summer and winter use. The Calanques is the most popular of these single ropes. The Extrem is the most durable while the Stratos provides the ultimate in protection with the Edelweiss 'Sharp Edge Resistant' technology. If you need an alpine rope then the Ultralight has to be the one to choose due to its lightweight construction.

Edelwiess Calanques 10.5mm 50m - £133.30 55m - £146.65 60m - £160.00
Edelwiess Extrem 11mm 50m - £131.50
Edelwiess Stratos 10.5mm 50m - £147.50 55m - £163.00 60m - £177.00
Edelwiess Ultralight 9.9mm 50m - £114.50 55m - £125.50 60m - £136.95


Some of the main Online Rope Suppliers in the UK.

  1. Facewest
  2. Gearzone