Rope Selector Qustion 1

We realise that choosing a rope can be a tricky business. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to choose in your own time, making the decision that’s right for you.
We have therefore devised the 'Rope Selector Tool' which guides you through a series of questions to establish exactly what specifications you require from a rope. Asking you questions in 'Plain English' (and with some helpful hints) makes it easy to choose from the large range of rope available on the website. At the end of the questions you should be left with the rope most suitable. Good luck!...

Will the Rope be used for:-

* Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing or Indoor Use
* Specifically Canyoning
* Hillwalking Confidence Rope / Glacier Travel
* Caving / Abseiling / Hauling Bags / Safety Line

By answering this question we can determine whether you require a Dynamic Rope or a Static Rope. Also, whether you require a rope for a specific activity. eg. Canyoning requires a rope that can float on water.


Some of the main Online Rope Suppliers in the UK.

  1. Facewest
  2. Gearzone
  3. Field & Trek
  4. Cotswolds