9.0mm, Dynamic Half Rope

55 Metres - Everdry Treated

The Sella is a traditional diameter of Half Rope(now uncommon). It is suitable for all grades of climbing and is a great all round rope for Sport Routes, Low Grade Winter Climbing, Mountain Rock Routes and even some Tough Scrambles.

Unfortunately, due to the decline of interest in this 9mm half rope we do not stock a large range of colours. When you order this rope you will be sent an email with details of what colour(s) are in stock. You can then choose a colour or cancel your order. It has the ARC technology as an option (sheath pattern changes at mid-point) and comes protected with the Everdry treatment. Itís 55 Metre length makes it most suitable for climbing in the UK.

As with all Edelweiss Climbing Ropes it has a unique (cube) weave pattern which gives a great feel and anti kinking control.

Technical Details

Length: 55m | Diameter: 9.0mm | Weight: 48g/m | Elongation: 9% | UIAA falls: 10 | Everdry Treated | ARC 50/50 Option | Other Lengths ; 50 Meter ; 60 Meter

Colours Available

colour code: v30
ARC 50/50 Optional



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