9.6mm, Dynamic Single Rope

60 Metres - Everdry Treated

The Laser is a great lightweight rock climbing rope with a high fall performance. It is also suitable for indoor and alpine use.

It has the ARC technology as an option (sheath pattern changes at mid-point) or the SEM (as with ARC but also has last 6 Metres marked). Itís 60 Metre length makes it suitable for climbing in the UK and abroad where routes and abseils tend to be longer.

As with all Edelweiss Climbing Ropes it has a unique (cube) weave pattern which gives a great feel and anti kinking control.

Technical Details

Length: 60m | Diameter: 9.6mm | Weight: 61g/m | Elongation: 7.5% | UIAA falls: 6 | Everdry Treated | ARC 50/50 Option | SEM Optional | Other Lengths ; 50 Meter ; 55 Meter

Colours Available

colour code: l15
ARC 50/50 Optional
SEM Optional



Some of the main Online Rope Suppliers in the UK.

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