Cave Abseil White

EdelwiessCave Abseil White

9.0mm, Static Rope

200 Metres -

A static rope is not to be used for lead climbing. It is suitable for caving, abseiling and hauling bags only.

All Edelweiss static ropes are pre stretched. When you get your rope you must pre shrink it. To pre shrink a rope you simply wet it and allow it to dry before use.

As with all Edelweiss Ropes it has a unique (cube) weave pattern which gives a great feel and anti kinking control.

Technical Details

Length: 200m | Diameter: 9.0mm | Weight: 57g/m | Elongation: 4.0% | Breaking Strength: 19kn | Breaking Strength Knotted: 13.5kn

Colours Available

colour code: 9mmwhite



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