Canyon Yellow

EdelwiessCanyon Yellow

10.0mm, Static Rope

100 Metres -

A static rope is not to be used for lead climbing. This rope is suitable for caving, abseiling, hauling bags and canyoning only. It is a semi-floater which makes it ideal for the wet conditions found in a canyon.

All Edelweiss static ropes are pre stretched. When you get your rope you must pre shrink it. To pre shrink a rope you simply wet it and allow it to dry before use.

As with all Edelweiss Ropes it has a unique (cube) weave pattern which gives a great feel and anti kinking control.

Technical Details

Length: 100m | Diameter: 10.0mm | Weight: 68g/m | Elongation: 4.0% | Breaking Strength: 23kn | Breaking Strength Knotted: 17kn | Other Lengths ; 200 Meter ; 50 Meter

Colours Available

colour code: canyonyellow



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