8 Million Metres of rope and still going strong!

Despite being a fairly small company, Beal’s commitment to innovation and R&D have ensured that they stay firmly at the forefront of dynamic rope manufacture. From their factory in Vienne France, Beal have designed, manufactured and distributed over 8 Million Metres of climbing rope in over 40 countries worldwide. That kind of experience is hard to beat and ensures that when you buy a Beal climbing rope, you can rest assured that it will be constructed and tested by some of the industries most trusted and experienced rope manufacturing experts.

Compact Process Logo

Compact Weave Process

Beal’s Compact Process is a weaving technique that binds the rope sheath and inner core together as one. This has three main benefits to the rope performance: 1) Sheath Slippage is minimized. 2) Impact Force is lowered. 3) Number of Falls is increased.

Dry Cover Logo

Dry Cover Treatment

Dry Cover treatment comes as standard on all Beal Dynamic Ropes. The Dry Cover ensures that the rope sheath is impermeable to moisture. Not only does the treatment ensure the rope stays dry but it also helps to protect the sheath from other types of wear, thus lengthening the lifespan of the rope.

Golden Dry Logo

Golden Dry Treatment

The Golden Dry treatment is typically only available on the more expensive range of Beal Climbing Ropes. It features all the same treatment characteristics of the Dry Cover but has an extra treatment on each filament of the inner core strands, which further enhances its resistance to water. This makes it the ideal choice for use in more extreme winter conditions, helping to prevent water absorption and ropes icing up. The Golden Dry treatment will therefore enhance the rope handling characteristics in wet/cold conditions and will also extend the lifespan of the rope.

Sharp Edge Logo

Sharp Edge Test

When testing the strength of a rope, the Standard UIAA test simulates a fall with the rope over a 5mm radius metal edge. To test a ropes performance over a sharper edge the UIAA developed a complimentary test which reduced the metal edge radius from 5mm to 0.75mm. Ropes that withstand 1 fall are given the Sharp Edge Test Approval. Please note that not all Beal ropes are resistant to this fall test so please look for the Sharp Test Symbol when purchasing your rope.

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Beal Warranty

Durability and safety are two of the most important factors taken in to consideration when Beal design their ropes. Beal have therefore put their money where their mouth is and offer a full three year warranty covering all defects in materials or manufacture.

Quality Assured Logos - ISO, UIAA and CE

Quality Assured

When you buy are Rope from Beal, you can be confident that it conforms to all the relevant industry safety and quality standards. In fact, in most cases, they far exceed the minimum test requirements. Standards and Assurances include: the European CE Mark, ISO 9001 and the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA). Look out for the UIAA and CE symbol when you purchase your rope.

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